Your wood burning system is in good hands when it is serviced by a technician from The Chimney Swift.
We sweep all types of chimneys, fireplaces, woodstoves, gas flues, oil flues.
Chimneys need to be swept in order to remove the byproducts of combustion.
Never let a fire smoulder.
A properly designed chimney cap will not allow birds, squirrels or other rodents to enter the chimney to nest.

The Chimney Swift’s WETT Inspection

Wood Energy Technology Transfer – Many insurance companies in Canada require an inspection by a WETT certified technician before issuing insurance.
Chimney Sweeping

Chimney Sweeping

Did you know that today’s modern wood-burning appliances are much more energy efficient than those of 20 years ago and therefore burn less wood for the same heat. Updating your 20 year old stove to an energy efficient one not only saves you money but is also kinder to your environment. (Ask our WETT certified technicians how to improve your installation.)

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WETT Inspection Service

WETT Inspection

What is WETT? What is a WETT inspection? Why do I need a WETT inspection? Having a WETT inspection done before listing a home alerts the homeowner of any potential repairs that may require attention. Making any repairs ahead of listing your home avoids having these issues become stumbling blocs when a purchaser submits an offer.

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Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps

A chimney cap is a specially designed metal cover that is mounted on top of a chimney or fireplace. A chimney cover is designed to prevent incoming rain water from eating away at the mortar and bricks, as well as prevent birds and small animals from entering the chimney. Chimney caps can prevent fires caused by burning embers that exit the chimney.

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Father and son enjoying Christmas holidays at home

It’s time for the WETT Inspection

It’s about time I have our wood burning fireplace inspected before lighting it up. In the rush to purchase our home, we never went through the process of getting that all important WETT Inspection done. The inspection that would inform us as to the condition of our fireplace. We’ve been so busy moving into our “new to us home” and getting to know our new neighborhood that some important tasks

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Brick fireplace near couches in living room

WETT inspection saves $$$ for new home owners

The prospective purchasers were in shock when the WETT inspection revealed that the fireplace, in the home they hoped to purchase, had major problems. Nora and Keith had found the perfect home. They could envision the happy times they’d spend sitting by that beautiful fireplace enjoying its cozy warmth. When the time came to place their “offer to purchase”, one of the conditions was that the fireplace be inspected by

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Old shabby brick house with chimney

Annual Sweeping Program Has Started

If your system requires an annual sweeping, (and it does if you burn wood three times a week through the burning season) Join the Annual Sweeping Program and we will freeze the price of sweeping your system for three years! The Annual Sweeping Program reduces your cost and helps even out our seasonal workload. Because people tend to leave things to the last minute, the months of September through December

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Thousands of satisfied Customers , Here's What Some Have To Say?

Thank you for the great work you folks did yesterday on McElderry Rd, Guelph.   As you may recall I have had this work done primarily to meet conditions of sale of this property.  Along with this work the purchasers have requested some kind of documentation that would assure them that the stove is operational and meets safety standards.

I look forward to hearing from you on this and regarding the Mill Street property (there is no rush!).

Many thanks,

Kelly Jeffery

Many thanks for you coming so quickly. I can now relax and know that I will not have any visitors in my chimney. Santa may have a problem but I am sure he is used to it. Thanks again.

Pat P.
Thanks for your quick work on my chimney! It looks good from the picture.
Mike Traub

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