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It’s time for the WETT Inspection

Father and son enjoying Christmas holidays at home

It’s time for the WETT Inspection

It’s about time I have our wood burning fireplace inspected before lighting it up. In the rush to purchase our home, we never went through the process of getting that all important WETT Inspection done. The inspection that would inform us as to the condition of our fireplace.

We’ve been so busy moving into our “new to us home” and getting to know our new neighborhood that some important tasks have not yet been addressed. Since we look forward to enjoying our fireplace, there is no way I will start a fire until a professional has inspected it and given me the go ahead.

Because we were informed by our realtor that the previous owners had often used the fireplace, it was important for us to know that it be in good working condition before we start using it. Since the fireplace is the focal point of our family room, where we spend a lot of time, we do plan to enjoy a lot of fires in our beautiful fireplace.

My call to The Chimney Swift to make the appointment gave me a clear description of what was involved when the WETT certified technician would come to our house to do the WETT Inspection.

Upon arrival, The WETT certified technician described to me the sequence of steps he would be taking during the inspection.

Because the previous owners had not had the fireplace swept before selling us the home, the technician included this as part of his WETT Inspection. (As he explained “it must be clean in order to do a proper evaluation”).
After he completed the sweeping, he proceeded to do a detailed inspection of the visible and accessible components of the fireplace to determine condition as well as compliance to current codes.
The technician also inspected the chimney, on the outside of the house, to determine its condition and compliance to Ontario Building Code requirements for fireplaces & chimneys.

Since my wife and I are new to woodburning, the WETT certified technician also spent time explaining to us how the fireplace functions and the best practices to use when having a fire. He was very knowledgeable and thorough in answering all our questions.

The WETT Inspection with The Chimney Swift left us with peace of mind that our wood burning fireplace was in good condition and as first time wood burners, gave us confidence that we are using it properly. And because of that, we’ve been enjoying it on a regular basis ever since. We love the ambiance our fireplace adds to our family room. It definitely makes for a very cozy atmosphere whether we are relaxing with our family or entertaining friends.


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