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5 Reasons why the WETT Inspection Helps Sell Your Home

5 Reasons why the WETT Inspection Helps Sell Your Home

  1. A favourable WETT Inspection report reflects well on the condition of a home. When the prospective home buyer is presented with the current inspection reports on utilities and documentation regarding upgrades that you made, he will realize that your home has been well maintained. The home buyer will therefore be more enthusiastic about putting an “offer to purchase” on a home that is in “move-in condition”. And your home will therefore command a higher price than one that is in need of repair.


  1. The closing will not be delayed because of missing inspection reports. Have the WETT Inspection done on your wood burning system BEFORE listing your home. The prospective purchaser wants confirmation that your beautiful fireplace is in good working order. Having to wait until the WETT inspection has been scheduled and performed obviously delays the purchaser’s final decision. With so many “Homes For Sale” in today’s market, it’s more important than ever to make a great impression from the moment the prospective buyer walks into your home. You don’t want him to have any excuses to delay placing that “offer to purchase”.


  1. Having prior knowledge of potential repairs (mentioned in the WETT Inspection report) allows you time to do these ahead of listing your home and avoids having these issues become stumbling blocks when a purchaser submits an “offer to purchase”. Most home buyers are looking for homes that are in turnkey condition where no repairs are required prior to moving in.


  1. To satisfy the requirements of the insurance company. Today, many insurance companies in Canada require an inspection by a WETT certified technician before issuing insurance on a home that has a wood burning system. The purchaser’s insurance company may want to see a current WETT Inspection report before issuing insurance to the new home buyer.


  1. A cozy fireplace provides ambiance and is often on the top of a home buyers’ wish list. Even if a fireplace won’t be used frequently, it is often an item on the home buyer’s “must have” list. There is no doubt that a functioning wood burning system has great charm and esthetic appeal. The fireplace becomes a focal point for the family room or living room. The prospective buyer is able to visual having cozy gatherings with family and friends by that fireplace. While it may not be the home’s primary source of heat, the buyer also realizes that a wood burning system can provide backup warmth if a winter storm happens to knock out the main source of heat.

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