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5 Good Wood Burning Practices to Follow

mom and child by fireplace

A warm fire is so inviting on these cold days of winter. Whether you have a fireplace or wood burning stove, the heat that emanates from a wood burning fire offers such a cozy place to gather around with family and friends. ¬†Choosing to pull up in a favorite chair and read a good book […]

Top 5 Reasons Why a Fireplace or Wood Stove will Spill Smoke

Getting smoked out of a room because of a smoky fireplace or wood stove is not pleasant. Here are reasons why it might be happening and ways to prevent it from happening again.   The flue is obstructed with: Creosote Debris from bird or animal nesting material Debris from a deteriorating chimney A broken terra […]

Excessive Creosote

Excessive creosote blocking chimney flue

We don’t often see this amount of creosote anymore. Modern, efficient appliances and better burning practices have largely eliminated flue blockages as the one we see in this photo. Our technician had to use a hammer and chisel to make a hole big enough to allow a brush to fit into the flue in order […]