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Buying a house with a fireplace and getting a “WETT inspection”.

Buying a house with a fireplace and getting a “WETT inspection”.

You’ve just purchased the “perfect house” with the fireplace you’ve always dreamed of having. The fireplace looks great and you can just see yourself relaxing by a crackling fire with family and friends.

Question: Is the fireplace in as great a shape as it looks? You’re informed that this is a “working fireplace”, but is it safe to use? There’s only one way to find out. Have a WETT* (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) certified technician inspect your fireplace.

As you would rely on a professional “house inspector” to determine the condition of the home’s infrastructure, so should you rely on a professional chimney technician, a WETT certified technician, to determine the condition of the wood burning fireplace or wood stove in your new home.

A new home owner (or prospective buyer) will often refer to an inspection of a wood burning appliance as a WETT inspection. In fact, it is an inspection performed by a WETT certified technician.

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc.) is a non-profit training and education association. It provides training to those who offer wood-energy products and installation and maintenance services to the public and to those who conduct inspections of wood-burning systems.

WETT Inc.  confirms and recognizes the knowledge and skills acquired through field experience, self-study and successful completion of WETT courses by issuing certificates of qualification.

Why should I have a WETT certified technician inspect my fireplace or wood stove?

  1. To have the full assurance that your wood-burning appliance is installed in accordance with building and fire code requirements. Safety is paramount, and wood-burning appliances are manufactured to work safely and efficiently when they are installed, used and maintained properly.
  2. To satisfy the requirements of the insurance company. (Some insurance companies will require that an inspection of your wood appliance be performed by a WETT certified technician before they provide you with insurance).
  3. If you are the person selling your home, having a WETT inspection done before listing your home alerts the homeowner of any potential repairs that may require attention.
  4. Making any repairs ahead of listing your home avoids having these issues become stumbling blocks when a purchaser submits an offer.
  5. A favourable WETT inspection report reflects well on the condition of a “Home For Sale” and will therefore command a higher price than one that is in need of repair.

Before you contemplate having that first fire, set up an appointment with a WETT certified technician.

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