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We enjoy helping our Customers and providing quality and value chimney sweeping and inspection services.

We strive for Customer Satisfaction in service and support!

Thousands of satisfied Customers, Let’s See What Some Have To Say

Visitors In My Chimney

Many thanks for you coming so quickly. I can now relax and know that I will not have any visitors in my chimney. Santa may have a problem but I am sure he is used to it. Thanks again.

Pat P.

Chimney Condition Report

“Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient attention to our chimneys – and for the Chimney Condition Report which I found most interesting.  Thank you for the advice and also for getting the andiron repaired.”

Eileen Pearson

Fire Department

“Thank you to John for his advice concerning the Fire Department – it was a very good thing they attended.  Thank you also to John for his patience with me on the phone that morning – It was an anxious few minutes.

Thanks again for your patience and your support.”

Garry Densmore

Completed Very Professionally

Yesterday morning your firm cleaned our chimney in Guelph. The cleaning was completed very professionally and for this I thank you. As well as cleaning our chimney, you went to great length to point out areas you consider a safety concern. Respectfully,

Murray Ritchie

Good Work

“Many thanks for all your good work.”


Meet Conditions of Sale

Thank you for the great work you folks did yesterday on McElderry Rd, Guelph.   As you may recall I have had this work done primarily to meet conditions of sale of this property.  Along with this work the purchasers have requested some kind of documentation that would assure them that the stove is operational and meets safety standards.

I look forward to hearing from you on this and regarding the Mill Street property (there is no rush!).

Many thanks,

Kelly Jeffery