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Chimney restoration going back a few years

Chimney restoration golden arches

  I was looking through some old photos and I found the attached newspaper story. It refers to a chimney restoration we did at a home in Guelph in the early 1980’s. The design was not ours – we restored as the chimneys were originally built. Our “golden arches”. Unfortunately the homeowners decided to paint […]

Questionable choices

Chimney damage by moisture

Chimneys deteriorate – typically above the roof, and usually because water is able to find its way into the chimney structure. Then they need to be (at least) partially re-built. This can be costly. The attached photos show what I like to call “the ostrich effect”. If I can’t see the damage, it is not […]

Wind damage

Chimney damaged by wind

  It was extremely windy in this area recently. These photos show what can happen to a manufactured chimney which is improperly installed.  This chimney had only one wall support screwed to vinyl siding.  There was no offset support or roof braces securing it to the house. This particular chimney services the oil furnace in this […]

Aluminum liners

Aluminum chimney liner compliance issue

Aluminum liners, while legal for use with gas appliances, may experience several problems. They are not durable and can corrode (or be chewed) easily. The photo shows a hole in the raincap, likely chewed by a squirrel. There was a bird nest in this flue. The photo also shows that the liner is in direct […]