Are raccoons moving into your chimney?

Raccoon in trap

Does your chimney have a rain / animal cap at the top? A mother raccoon, giving birth to her kits in the spring, is looking for a nice dry place to live. If your chimney DOES NOT have a chimney cap, mama raccoon may decide to make YOUR chimney her new home. So…save yourself the […]

“I need a WETT certificate”

Get a WETT inspection to determine chimney pipe efficiency

This is a request we get all the time. But… there is no such thing as a “WETT certificate”. What you actually need is an inspection performed by a WETT certified technician. Why might you need this? Your insurance company may request a “WETT inspection” to confirm that your wood burning appliance complies to code. […]

6 Great Reasons to Have Your Chimney Swept Now Instead of the Fall.

sweep your chimney in the summer

Save money by having your chimney swept in spring or summer! Take advantage of the discount we offer when you have your chimney swept now instead of the busy fall season. Besides saving money, it will be one less item to attend to on your fall to-do list. Schedule the sweeping for a time that […]

It is time to have your chimney checked.

Have your chimney cleaned before the winter snow arrives

Fall has arrived and winter will be here before you know it. Book your chimney sweep now to avoid problems later on when it is cold and icy. Many roofs are not accessible when covered in snow & ice!

Excessive Creosote

Excessive creosote blocking chimney flue

We don’t often see this amount of creosote anymore. Modern, efficient appliances and better burning practices have largely eliminated flue blockages as the one we see in this photo. Our technician had to use a hammer and chisel to make a hole big enough to allow a brush to fit into the flue in order […]