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6 Great Reasons to Have Your Chimney Swept Now Instead of the Fall.

sweep your chimney in the summer

6 Great Reasons to Have Your Chimney Swept Now Instead of the Fall.

  1. Save money by having your chimney swept in spring or summer! Take advantage of the discount we offer when you have your chimney swept now instead of the busy fall season. Besides saving money, it will be one less item to attend to on your fall to-do list.
  2. Schedule the sweeping for a time that is most convenient for you. Because The Chimney Swift’s schedule is more flexible at this time of the year, it is easier to accommodate your schedule. You also avoid a long wait that can sometimes occur when appointments are made in the busy fall season.
  3. Give yourself peace of mind. Having your wood burning system inspected and serviced in the spring or summer means one less item to attend to in the fall when kids are going back to school and so many other activities start up again after the summer holiday months.
  4. Knowing new information early in the summer allows you time to deal with any changes or repairs well before the next heating season. If you plan to discuss altering or updating your wood burning system, our WETT certified technician can suggest options that will best suit your needs or if the WETT certified technician discovers any issues during his inspection, he can bring these to your attention and discuss with you various options that are available
  5. Avoid re-scheduling because of bad weather. When an ice covered roof prevents the chimney sweep from sweeping the chimney flue, an appointment must sometimes be re-scheduled. So avoid this by having the chimney swept in the summer months when your roof is obviously clear of snow and ice.
  6. Enjoy the heat and ambiance from your wood burning fireplace and stove without interruption. Having your chimney swept during the heating season means having no fire burning the day before your appointment because the wood burning system must be cold in order to sweep it. This can cause some discomfort to the homeowner who relies on their wood burning system to provide a good portion of the home’s heat. So….having it serviced in the summer, when it’s not being used, will prevent any interruptions in your heating routine.

So… phone today to schedule your appointment.

The Chimney Swift will always send a WETT certified technician to service your wood burning system.

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