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5 Reasons why the WETT Inspection Helps Sell Your Home

A favourable WETT Inspection report reflects well on the condition of a home. When the prospective home buyer is presented with the current inspection reports on utilities and documentation regarding upgrades that you made, he will realize that your home has been well maintained. The home buyer will therefore be more enthusiastic about putting an […]

“I should have had the WETT inspection done BEFORE buying my home”.

A fireplace is such a desirable asset when purchasing a home. As a purchaser, you can imagine yourself enjoying the warmth and ambience as you sit by your fireplace or woodstove with family and friends. When you walk through a house that you’re hoping to purchase, existing problems may not be evident, and that’s why […]

Aluminum liners

Aluminum chimney liner compliance issue

Aluminum liners, while legal for use with gas appliances, may experience several problems. They are not durable and can corrode (or be chewed) easily. The photo shows a hole in the raincap, likely chewed by a squirrel. There was a bird nest in this flue. The photo also shows that the liner is in direct […]

Historical chimney restoration

tomlinson east

We recently completed two chimney restorations with a historical look. Three chimneys on one house and two chimneys on a second house . In the first case, the homeowner provided a photo from the early 1900’s and asked us to replicate as closely as possible. It was a challenging project, first to try to interpret […]