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Is your Fireplace or Wood Stove Ready for Winter?

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Is your Fireplace or Wood Stove Ready for Winter?

Because you enjoy the warmth and ambiance from wood burning, don’t let a blocked flue leave you in the cold. There’s nothing quite like coming inside to a warm, cozy home, after having spent time outdoors on a cold day. Putting a log on the fire is just the natural thing to do to take the chill out of the air. Whether you burn wood only on occasion or burn wood daily during the cold season, eventually your wood burning system requires servicing.

Preparing your home for the cold weather also means ensuring that your fireplace or wood stove has been serviced and maintained in good working order. You don’t want to wait until you have smoke backing up into your house to call in the experts. Call today to schedule an appointment. The knowledgeable and experienced WETT certified technicians of The Chimney Swift will service your wood burning appliance ensuring its readiness for use. Don’t wait for the snow to fly to get that wood burning system serviced.

Did you know that the major cause of chimney blockage is nesting from birds and animals?  Birds, squirrels and raccoons may nest in your chimney and cause a blockage.  A creosote buildup within the chimney flue can also cause the flow of gas and smoke going up the chimney flue to be restricted and thus prevent the wood burning appliance for venting properly. Having the chimney swept will ensure that the chimney flue is clear of debris and that your fireplace or wood stove is ready to be enjoyed.

Are you aware that today’s modern wood burning appliances are much more energy efficient than those of 20 years ago. They also burn less wood for the same heat.  Although the modern wood burning fireplaces and stoves burn cleaner than older models, they can still leave some deposits in the chimney flue. Some of their components can also warp or wear out over time, so servicing is still required. The WETT certified technicians of The Chimney Swift recommend that if you are burning wood an average of three times a week during the cold months, you should have your system inspected at least once per year. Depending on your frequency of use and on the amount of deposit found in the wood burning system, the technician will advise you as to the recommended date for the next servicing.

If you’re thinking of updating or maybe altering your wood burning system, do ask our WETT certified technicians for advice. Based on the size of your room, they can advise on the size you should be looking for in a new system or how to get more efficiency from your current installation.

Avoid getting smoked out of your house because your fireplace or woodstove is not venting properly.   . Call the Chimney Swift today to schedule an appointment. Our experienced WETT certified technicians will service your wood burning system and are happy to discuss any concerns you might have.

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