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WETT Inspection for Peace of Mind

With such an increase in the cost of heating, we decided to supplement our main source of heat by resuming the use of our woodstove. When we purchased our house, 20 years ago, we had so enjoyed the warmth and comfort of that woodburning stove. As our lives got very busy with the arrival of […]

It’s time for the WETT Inspection

Father and son enjoying Christmas holidays at home

It’s about time I have our wood burning fireplace inspected before lighting it up. In the rush to purchase our home, we never went through the process of getting that all important WETT Inspection done. The inspection that would inform us as to the condition of our fireplace. We’ve been so busy moving into our […]

WETT inspection saves $$$ for new home owners

Brick fireplace near couches in living room

The prospective purchasers were in shock when the WETT inspection revealed that the fireplace, in the home they hoped to purchase, had major problems. Nora and Keith had found the perfect home. They could envision the happy times they’d spend sitting by that beautiful fireplace enjoying its cozy warmth. When the time came to place […]

Buying a house with a fireplace and getting a “WETT inspection”.

You’ve just purchased the “perfect house” with the fireplace you’ve always dreamed of having. The fireplace looks great and you can just see yourself relaxing by a crackling fire with family and friends. Question: Is the fireplace in as great a shape as it looks? You’re informed that this is a “working fireplace”, but is […]

A WETT inspection is important when selling your home.

WETT inspection on home for sale

A fireplace is one of the most desirable assets a home can have and is often on a homebuyer’s wish list, so don’t neglect the importance of a WETT inspection before listing your home. A WETT inspection is an inspection of a wood burning system performed by a WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) certified technician […]

5 Reasons why the WETT Inspection Helps Sell Your Home

A favourable WETT Inspection report reflects well on the condition of a home. When the prospective home buyer is presented with the current inspection reports on utilities and documentation regarding upgrades that you made, he will realize that your home has been well maintained. The home buyer will therefore be more enthusiastic about putting an […]

“I need a WETT certificate for my woodstove and wood burning fireplace”

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.

This is a request we get all the time.  Usually because a homeowner is selling their home and the prospective buyer has included the request in their “offer to purchase.” Or sometimes, the request comes from the prospective buyer who wants to ensure that the wood burning system, in the home they wish to purchase, […]

“I need a WETT certificate”

Get a WETT inspection to determine chimney pipe efficiency

This is a request we get all the time. But… there is no such thing as a “WETT certificate”. What you actually need is an inspection performed by a WETT certified technician. Why might you need this? Your insurance company may request a “WETT inspection” to confirm that your wood burning appliance complies to code. […]