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First restoration of the season

Chimney restoration

First restoration of the season

The early onset of spring weather permitted us to get started with our chimney restoration work earlier than any other time that I can remember.

This particular chimney was built with stepped out – stepped back in corbelling at the top. Not uncommon, but also not complying with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code. The OBC requires a concrete drip cap with a drip edge extending a minimum of 2″ beyond the brick. This type of corbelling allows water to enter the chimney structure, leading to premature deterioration.

This chimney also had an unused flue, terminated at the top with a “dry flue” tile, which provides very poor rain protection and also acts as a “magnet” for birds an animals.

We re-built this chimney without the corbelling, replaced the dry flue with a regular tile, installed a stainless steel vented cap, and a concrete drip cap.


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Chimney restoration

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